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Palm Springs | New(ish) Kids on the Block

A round-up of the latest places to make their mark on Palm Springs

Yes, these places have now been around for months, but as far as Palm Springs businesses go, they’re fairly new on the list and have had the time to work out the kinks over the summer – be it while open or on vacation. Check ’em out – tell us your verdict.

New Eats Palm Springs

images c/o instagram: @seymoursps + @grecoffeehouse

1) Seymour’s – A dark, intimate corner of Mr. Lyons Steakhouse, deserving of its own moniker. The only room to fully preserve a piece of the original Lyons English Grille– get a taste of the old school whilst basking in the seedy glow of a refined speak easy, minus the secret handshake for admittance. Liquor lovers, revel in the carefully curated list of libations selected by veterans of the industry.

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2) Gré Coffeehouse & Art Gallery – Brings me back to the days of university essays fuelled by caffeine and interrupted by welcomed distractions of chatty baristas and hopeful singer songwriters. With a DIY, urban aesthetic, Gré is a reprieve from the slick, modernist likes of Koffi and the corporate bean slingers (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, et al.) of the desert. Having an aversion to the flavour of coffee itself, I may not be the best judge of this place, but their iced hot chocolate sure sounds nice.

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3) Frankinbun – There’s nothing like a quality frank between a freshly baked bun. Fingers crossed these guys make it. The desert is in need of high quality, casual options, and Frankinbun brings it to the table. Not a meat eater myself, I was appreciative of the homemade veggie option that didn’t consist of a rubbery tofu aberration of a meat substitute. They also serve CoolHaus ice cream, bringing a little LA flavour to the scene.  PS. They serve beer. YUM.

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